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Knowing that Kate Michelman,
a preeminent abortion rights advocate supports Barack Obama,
Chris Matthews’ below-the-belt verbal assault on her was: “How
does it feel to have abandoned the cause of your life?” The Hardball master then badgered her by asking how a feminist like
her could support someone other than Hillary Clinton.

Ms. Michelman has spoken out
well for herself. She has also succeeded in making me a bit ashamed
of myself for not having spoken out sooner of my own following experiences
with Chris Matthews.

In 1995, at the request of
my literary agent, Matthews met in private with John Dean and me to
discuss my then recently published book Without Honor: The Crimes
of Camelot and Impeachment of President Nixon
, which had previously
received the following review in Publisher’s Weekly:

House Judiciary Committee’s recommendation in 1974 that Nixon be impeached
was nearly thwarted by a sham congressional inquiry, according to this
blistering exposé… Zeifman charges that John Doar, special counsel
to the inquiry, intentionally orchestrated a charade because he feared
that a thorough investigation of the Nixon administration’s government-sponsored
crimes would let out of the bag Kennedy-era wiretaps, burglaries and
sanctioned murders carried out in the name of national security…Finally,
Zeifman maintains that Doar aide Hillary Rodham (now the First Lady)
helped Doar gain control over the investigation through unethical tricks
and faulty legal opinions.

John Dean had written the introduction
to the book, which was based on a private diary that I kept of closed
door Judiciary committee meetings. Although he and I had assumed that Matthews would discuss my book, he
treated me discourteously by engaging in no discussion with me-and
conversing with John Dean only about matters other than my book.

As I left his office, I reminded him
that I had worked with his former boss Tip O’Neill to oppose Ted Kennedy’s
efforts to keep Nixon in office and quoted the former Speaker as follows: 
“the Kennedys are not real Democrats like you and me. They’ve got
their own Camelot Party. I was born a Democrat before I was baptized
a catholic.” Matthews reply was, “What did he mean by that?”

Matthews is certainly not alone in
the mainstream media in continuing to perpetuate the Camelot myth and
idolization of JFK and RFK by never mentioning the “Crimes of Camelot”
documented in my book.

Despite the efforts of my well-paid
publicist the only TV interview of me ever given in Washington related
to my book was that by Reed Irvine of Accuracy in media-which occurred within days after the
book appeared in Washington book.

In retrospect I now find it amusing
that Chris Matthews did not want me as an adversary on his show. However,
I regret that I have not spoken out sooner urging readers to boycott
him-and MSNBC for as long as he is in their employ.

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