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Remember when the Main Stream Media (MSM) used to just focus on police shootings of black men who were unarmed? It seems like that was just a couple of years ago. Now, even when the police shoot black men who are armed with handguns, the cops are still portrayed as cold blooded murders that, according to former congressional black caucus member Angela Rye, “shoot black people for sport.”

MSM reported that Rev. Curtis Gatewood, field director for the NAACP’s North Carolina branch, wrote on his Facebook page that Micah X. Johnson, the Dallas shooter who murdered five police officers and attempted to murder seven others, was “defenseless” and “lynched.”

As an undisputed expert in police procedures, Gatewood wrote, “Yes, I’m coming to the defense of the defenseless. That includes [Micah] X. Johnson who has been accused of shooting about 12 police officers.” The reverend refuses to believe that Johnson committed the offense. He continued, “Even if [Micah] was carrying a gun or [rifle], that in of itself does not prove he murdered the police officers.” Of course it doesn’t because Gatewood, like all the other race baiters would be out of a job if they didn’t keep playing the race card.

No matter what the outcome of the investigations of the two latest police shootings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota turns out to be, the MSM has discounted the fact both men were armed with pistols. Doesn’t that matter the slightest bit? Doesn’t that dispel the notion that these two men were “shot for sport?” Not in the minds of the media and other Black Lives Matter supporters. Another expert in police tactics, presumptive Democrat nominee for president, Hillary Clinton said, “We need national guidelines about the use of force, particularly lethal force.”

I wonder what those standards would be, don’t shoot until shot at? And, in the case of black men, whether they are armed or not, don’t shoot at all! This is the same woman who in 2008 while running for the presidency, said she would implement the 100,000 cops measure her husband did when he was president. What she never mentions was that the federal money to hire 100,000 more cops went away after three years and the local municipalities would have to pay their full salaries. An overwhelming number of cities opted not to participate because of this; the others that did laid off these newly hired officers because they couldn’t afford them. Wouldn’t adding 100,000 police officers potentially result in more police shootings of black suspects?

The MSM facilitates the notion that when a black suspect is shot by the police, it is because the suspect is black, especially if the officer isn’t. They fail to mention that according to FBI statistics, police shoot and kill more white suspects then black, but that doesn’t help advance the MSM’s political agenda that blacks are victims of racist cops.

Many major cities have, or have had, black police chiefs to include Baltimore, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Flint, Dallas, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Houston, San Francisco, Wilmington, DE, Washington, DC, Detroit, Richmond, Syracuse, Kansas City, Raleigh, Fort Worth, Greensboro, Salem, Orlando, St. Paul, Newark, Memphis, and Chicago to name just a few. Many of these departments still experienced officer involved shootings of black suspects.

Armed and unarmed black men can avoid being killed by the police once they stop committing violent crimes and resisting arrest.

Even with a two term black president, a second black attorney general, and a black secretary of homeland security, it doesn’t seem to matter; the MSM and race baiters cannot be appeased.

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