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Just when you thought pro-illegal alien politicians had gone about as far as it’s possible to go in helping illegals, that’s when they come up with new ways to sell out their country.

For example, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, former right hand man of Pres. Barack Obama, has released more than 40 suspected illegal aliens arrested on felony charges and refused to hold them for questioning by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers. He is doing this in spite of official requests by ICE to hold such prisoners for 48 hours so ICE can take them into custody and determine which are illegal.

N.Y. Mayor Mike Bloomberg is trying to go even further. He’s promoting a bill that would that would duplicate Emmanuel’s policy and actually enact it into law, thereby binding his successors.

Now consider that in September the federal government reported that over half of all those sentenced to federal prisons in the first nine months of this fiscal year for committing felonies were Hispanic. And this month the Latin American news service, EFE, reported that Mexican President Calderon is angry at “U.S. officials for deporting Mexican criminals” back to Mexico to “save on judicial costs.”

Expelling Mexican criminals from the U.S. back to Mexico says Calderon, “exacerbates” violence in Mexico.

He wants us to keep them so they can “exacerbate” violence in our country rather than his.

Then consider the illegal drug trade in the U.S.; including importation, production and distribution, is dominated by extremely violent gangs that are overwhelmingly comprised of illegal aliens and their anchor baby offspring. A single gang, MS13, is reported by the FBI as being active in over 230 U.S. cities, towns and counties.

Given these facts it’s indisputable that the Emmanuel/Bloomberg policy will achieve exactly  what Calderon wants: “exacerbate” crime in the U.S. and lessen it in Mexico.

Yet, despite the vast numbers of crimes committed by the illegals they’re helping, both Emmanuel and Bloomberg loudly and frequently proclaim that they really, really, REALLY don’t approve of crime and are doing everything they can to fight it. (To show how committed they are to reducing crime they are among this Nation’s most strident foes of the right of individuals to protect themselves with firearms from the illegal alien felons they’re releasing).

Think about it. Two big city mayors claim they want to reduce crime; the facts show that illegal aliens are a major factor in violent crime; yet these same two guys are going to help illegals arrested for violent crime evade ICE and stay on American streets.

One of these mayors was savvy enough to build a multibillion dollar fortune and the other was slick enough to help elect a hack, far left wing Chicago politician to the presidency of the United States. So we know that both these guys must be really smart.

But if they’re so smart why don’t they understand the cause and effect relationship between helping violent illegals and higher crime rates?

The answer is that they DO understand. The problem is they don’t care. Remember, their achievements, great though they may be, are not evidence of integrity.  Their sellout to the illegal alien lobby are corrupt bargains: in effect Emmanuel and Bloomberg have paid non-cash bribes in exchange for political support.

In Emmanuel’s case the payment he gets in return for helping illegals is clear: the support of Hispanic leaders who believe that the best way to keep their positions of power in the Hispanic population is by endlessly demanding more “rights” for illegals, even the violent ones.

In Bloomberg’s case the payoff is less apparent. This is a very wealthy man who has bought three terms as mayor, and doesn’t want to buy another. So he probably doesn’t give a wooden peso about Hispanic votes.

Nevertheless, he is the ultimate internationalist businessman. As such his greatest loyalty is to his business, his fortune and his internationalist philosophy, and not to his country. As mayor he made the decision that the replacements for New York’s cab fleet, a prize worth a billion dollars and thousands of American jobs, will not be made by Ford but instead produced in Mexico by Nissan.

As part of that pattern Bloomberg’s Business Week magazine, despite all we see of the collapse of law in Mexico, devoted a whole issue to promoting that country as a great place for American businesses to transfer their production.

He is a man who has large investments in the Arab world and has been an outspoken supporter of construction of the Ground Zero mosque, despite its offensiveness to families of the 9/11 victims, and its obvious role as a symbol of Islamic conquest.  (Even with his support that deal appears to be collapsing as the promoters’ shady dealings, both past and present, destroy their remaining credibility.)

For Bloomberg, as for so many of his kind, the U.S. appears to be little more than the supplier of a passport and guarantor of the liquidity of the banks in which he invests. So it is no surprise that, like Emmanuel, he would comply with the demand of the Mexican president that the U.S. keep Mexican criminals in the USA. In return, Rahm gets votes and Mike, maintains his good standing among the ranks of U.S. businessmen who betray their fellow Americans to maximize profits.

Naturally, this pair are far from alone in helping Mexico keep their violent fellow citizens off Mexican streets and putting them on ours.

Recently joining the list of officials implementing measures that aid alien felons are those in Sonoma County, Cal. who have the effrontery to call themselves “law enforcement” officers. The Sonoma County Law Enforcement Chiefs Ass’n. has drafted a policy which allows them to help Mexican criminals stay where Calderon wants ’em: in the USA.  They accomplish this by giving themselves the okay to recognize Mexican Matricula cards as a valid identity document.

Mexican matricula cards are plastic cards issued by Mexican consuls in the U.S. to illegal aliens (and only to illegal aliens: legal aliens have visas and want nothing to do with a card that all but screams “the holder of this card is an illegal alien).

The Mexican matricula card is so unreliable that it has the distinction of having been specifically named by the FBI in Congressional testimony as presenting “significant” “criminal [and] terrorist threats.”   Among the reasons: the Mexican government takes little if any care to ascertain the actual identity of those receiving the cards. The FBI’s testified that “…when an individual seeking a Matricula Consular is unable to produce any documents whatsoever, he will still be issued a Matricula Consular by the Mexican consular official, if he fills out a questionnaire and satisfies the official that he is who he purports to be.”

In short, a Mexican matricula card is about as reliable in proving identity, as a pile of Monopoly money is in proving a man’s net worth.

The Sonoma police chiefs undoubtedly know this, but denying the threat the cards present allows them to create the illusion that returning illegals to the streets is not dangerous. For example, when a Sonoma cop stops an illegal alien driver and finds he has no license, he can be shown a matricula card and say: “Oh, it’s okay you’ve got a valid I.D. I won’t arrest you.” And like magic, instead of the illegal finding himself in a Sonoma jail with the police obliged to check his criminal record, and transfer to ICE and deportation the possible results, the illegal instead finds himself free to remain in the U.S.

The matricula card is literally his “get out of jail free” pass.

Like the mayors of Chicago and New York and a helluva lot of others, the “law enforcement” honchos in Sonoma County, California don’t care. As politicians their real concern is not the safety of American streets. More important is keeping the illegal aliens lobby on your side by not exacerbating violence in Mexico.

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