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It has been reported that the United States federal government has pulled in record revenues for the first nine months of Fiscal Year 2015. Of course the government is still running a deficit. But apparently we really do need all the additional revenue going to the federal government because of this latest outrage.

As reported by, “Illegal immigrants are suing the U.S. government for what they say was psychological and physical harm due to their detention, according to an Associated Press report. The five illegal immigrants, all hailing from Guatemala, Honduras, or El Salvador, are seeking millions of dollars in damages and claim they received poor medical care and suffered psychologically from being detained. Andrew Free, the immigration lawyer representing the plaintiffs, told the AP that the government’s use of family detention violates their rights and that the government fails to provide the “standard of care that they owe to these detainees.”

“We expect this will be the first in a large set of filings on the mistreatment of these women and children on behalf of the government,” Free told the AP.”

Now ain’t this just a daisy, folks here illegally claiming rights? This is beyond the theater of the absurd, but represents the complete lack of respect these illegal aliens coming to our land have for our rule of law. It’s not just that illegal aliens are killing Americans, while certain states and cities provide them “sanctuary,” upon their arrival, they’ve quickly learned that which is the most despicable in our American society – the art of frivolous lawsuits. Now, this chucklehead Mr. Andrew Free should be laughed out of the country. But trust me, there are many willing to champion his legalistic Waterloo.

Can you just imagine the precedent this would set if this lawsuit is heard – and worse yet, awarded to these illegals? We already have a situation in America where illegal aliens are receiving taxpayer benefits. Do these women believe they were just supposed to cross into the United States and get greeted with a new house and car as if they were contestants on “The Price is Right?” I suppose those advertisements in Mexico and Central America about Obamacare and “free” – how ironic that’s the attorney’s last name – healthcare, food stamps, housing, you name it…this is the new America. It’s not the “land of opportunity,” it’s the “land of dependency.”

But here’s what really causes me massive consternation. These illegals are filing a lawsuit because they allegedly received “poor medical care and suffered psychologically” – as if where they came from was better. What about our American Veterans? Can they, who have borne the cost of fighting for our way of life and standing upon freedom ramparts to protect us, sue the federal government for the poor medical care they’ve received at the hands of the Veterans Administration?

Just one person has been fired over the entire VA scandal and these illegal aliens have the abject gall to bring a lawsuit against the federal government while some greedy ambulance chaser takes up this case?

What about the psychological damage for an American family who lost its loved one due to an Iranian-supplied Explosive Force Penetrator, or one of our brave warriors who is permanently scarred or maimed – can they sue the federal government – namely President Obama – for releasing billions of dollars to the country who killed or mailed their loved ones, their brothers in arms?

What type of country have we become where we allow such blatant disrespect to be levied against our nation? What type of people would believe this, illegal aliens filing suit against America – a sovereign nation which they invaded – is a viable and worth legal case?

Have we become so degraded in our state of moral existence that we surrender our pride as a Nnation to this? And trust me, all for political sake, somehow these individuals will be awarded American taxpayer dollars out of some irrational sense of “fairness” and “compassion.” Yet, our own veterans are watching the Choice Act programs be starved of funding, preventing them from seeking out the proper medical attention and care they deserve.

What type of country have we become where we give taxpayer funds to an organization that crushes babies, dismembers babies, and hacks up their bodies for the sale of the parts? Let me ask a simple question, does the progressive socialist left believe itself more compassionate to hear a case of “poor medical treatment” for an illegal alien – while murdering millions of American babies?

I know, what difference at this point does it make? Ladies and gents, this is the liberal progressive left at their finest. These are the people who claim the POW/MIA flag represents racism because they could care less about the memory of those who have deployed, fought, and remain unaccounted for – yet the illegal alien DEMANDS better medical treatment.

This is the compassionate socialist left which sips wine and eats arugula salads while describing the barbaric and brutal procedures for killing babies – but tells us we’re not compassionate because we want to break up illegal families.

Today’s progressive socialist left in America is the preeminent exhibitor of hypocrisy. The only black lives that matter are those which can be politically exploited – there was not a damn thing said by the left over the murder of seven-year-old Amari Brown in Chicago – or for that matter the 16 million black babies butchered because of Margaret Sanger’s sick vision.

Yet, this Andrew Free is bringing a lawsuit on behalf of illegal aliens claiming to have received poor medical care? This is the progressive left who champions illegal alien murderers who go into the home of Marilyn Pharis, a 64-year-old woman asleep in her home, beat her, torture her, and rape her and we come to find out the perpetrator had six criminal charges in fifteen months. But the leftists stand by their inane creation of sanctuary cities.

Enough, and I mean ENOUGH! Throw this case brought by these illegal aliens out and send them back to the countries from whence they came. Express to them in no uncertain fashion that we as Americans shall not tolerate such disrespect of our laws and way of life. How preposterous is the premise of this lawsuit that someone can break into your home, raid your kitchen, use your shower, sleep in your bed, and then sue you because the food wasn’t enough, the water wasn’t hot, and the bed wasn’t comfortable enough for a good night’s sleep.

Americans are mad and the progressive socialist lefties out chanting for Bernie Sanders had just be aware. There are more of us patriotic Americans than there are of you. And we are seriously itching for a fight.

And to the illegal aliens, the left is not going to be able to coddle and pander to you for much longer. The time for choosing is upon us.

Molon Labe.

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