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Sometimes, someone distills all the wisdom or idiocy of a period into a sentence.

Listen to a recent editorial from The Jewish Daily Forward:

“Sandy was a sobering display of Nature’s power and relayed two compelling messages: Government works in times of need. And climate change is real.”

Rarely has the raw power of the conventional idiocy of our time been condensed into so small a space. It’s nuclear CON-fusion.

It recalls film star Danny Glover saying the 2010 earthquake in Haiti was caused by global warming.

Does The Forward really want to join Danny Glover in Category Six stupidity?

Yes, Hurricane Sandy showed Nature’s power. Tying the huge storm to global warming and the need for big government shows Man’s stupidity.

Sigmund Freud once said every man is a genius when it comes to rationalization and self-deception, and the Forward editorial shows exceptional genius of this kind.

But I digress.

There have been hurricanes for a long time, certainly before anyone even thought to claim that there was global warming, and probably before the Israelites became slaves in Egypt. But most normal people would not say that Egyptian enslavement of Jews heated up the world.

We know from the historical record that Christopher Columbus and George Washington dealt with hurricanes, and this does not prove any ties to the Spanish Inquisition or American constitutional theory.

There are many discrepancies and ambiguities in the research of  climate patterns, but a study from CERN (the European outfit where they mash atomic particles) strongly suggests that heat hikes over the centuries are tied to sun spot activity and other natural phenomena. This came from a clinical test by CERN, but they did not mention hurricanes.

A few “compelling messages” for the editors of The Jewish Daily Forward:

  1. Many scientists dispute that there has even been significant temperature rise globally in the last 15 years. I have spoken to a few of them. We also know that temperatures were higher in the medieval period.
  2. Every glacier in Alaska, except two, has been receding since before the Industrial Revolution. I learned about this when I visited there.
  3. The respective records of South Korea (where life is good) and North Korea (where people are starving and being thrown into gas chambers) raises some doubts about whether “government works in time of need.” Of course, I could cite the historical record of government activity in times of need from other places, too.

A fairer set of statements would be: Hurricanes can be bad news, and sometimes Western governments perform relatively well in meeting natural disasters and other major threats. Sometimes governments do not perform well.

Before we began naming hurricanes, “The Great East Coast Hurricane” of 1938 reshaped the coastline of New York, particularly Long Island. It was nicknamed “The Long Island Express” or “The Great New England Hurricane.” It killed 600 people, flattening Atlantic City New Jersey. Sound familiar?

Three years earlier, in 1935, there was a category five storm in Florida that reached winds of 180 miles per hour, and the list goes on: scores of killer storms.

People have been victims of bad weather for as long as people have talked about the weather. Most people are smart enough to know that the weather can be hard to predict and more powerful than those who rationalize the need for big government by somewhat irrational statements about climate.

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