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Greetings from the Hilton Airport Hotel in Kansas City. I just got back from speaking for the Young America’s Foundation Fred Allen Lecture Series at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg. A nice little campus in a town with that old school college town feel. I was invited by the Campus Republicans and had a fantastic dinner and forum with them before the main event – and boy what a main event.

I was warned about a self-declared group of “communists” who were going to protest. There was also a counter event featuring a speaker from the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR). The Campus Republicans informed me that a UCM professor had granted extra credit to students who attended the CAIR lecture – hmm, I wonder if the same opportunity was afforded for my presentation? At least I’m not a member of an organization that’s an unindicted co-conspirator to the largest Islamic terror funding trial in U.S. history. And I don’t represent any group with known ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood – yep, that’s why the FBI severed all communications with CAIR. (Too bad the White House never followed suit).

So I found it rather – no, VERY amusing when, before I began to speak, these “protesters” began chanting “American imperialism is the real terrorism.” And that was followed by condemnations of me as a “war criminal”…I suppose that whole abandoning of Americans to die for 13 hours in Benghazi and lying about the nature of the Islamic terror attack kinda slipped past these cheeky folks.

However, what was most disturbing was the chanting of “f**k West.” Now of course that doesn’t hurt my feelings at all, but there were grandparents and a few kids who’d come out. All in all, I just waited it out, the campus security police arrived, and escorted these charming and misguided liberal progressive socialist disciples out.

But the most perplexing part of this was their denouncing me as a “fascist,” truly demonstrating their lack of political philosophy and theory knowledge. Here they were shouting me down from speaking, referring to me as a fascist – man, something is very wrong with our education system.

However, their incompetent use of the term “fascist” demonstrates they will castigate anything, any thought, speech, or gesture not in keeping with their demented belief system as needing to be shut down. You see, for these chuckleheads, freedom of speech means you’re free to speak only of that which THEY approve – the real definition of fascism.

Yes, there was quite a bit of video recorded, and I could easily call these mindless and inept lemmings racists – after all, they were all white, shouting down a black man. Then again, I’m not their flavor of “black guy” since I possess the God-given right and freedom to think for myself and decided to be a Constitutional Conservative.

Once the distractions had been removed, we proceeded to have a fantastic exchange about our present national security challenges in combatting Islamo-fascism and jihadism. The question and answer portion was exceptional and the questions very insightful. I was especially moved by the students who admitted they were “liberal” and apologized for the actions at the beginning of the event.

But, I was also able to have a teachable moment because one student asserted in his self-introduction that he was “very liberal” and I queried him to explain what that meant, he struggled. I asked if he was a classical liberal or a post-modern liberal, to which he replied that he didn’t understand. I asked what was it he believed in and he told me he didn’t like government intervention. I asked him if that meant through tax, regulatory, and economic policies and issues and he replied that he wanted MORE government intervention in those areas. I told him he wasn’t a classical liberal but rather a progressive socialist and he needed to speak to a political science professor about political theory – then again, perhaps that’s from where his confusion emanated.

My point is that I truly enjoy these opportunities afforded to me by Young America’s Foundation to go on our college campuses. Because folks, you would be encouraged, and also appalled. It’s encouraging to find these young conservative students making a stand under the most “fascist” environment you can imagine. And their eyes just light up when they see you stand with them in solidarity as they proudly proclaim their love of this country and its founding principles. But, you’d be appalled to see the lack of respect and general ignorance that has infested our institutions of higher learning, which are becoming petri dishes for progressive socialist indoctrination.

I have yet to encounter anyone challenging me regarding the factual content of what I’m presenting. Apparently some people TRULY want suppression of the truth, and why?

Have we truly reached that Orwellian point where “In a universe of deceit – telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act?”

My time at the University of Central Missouri and St. Louis University gives me cause to believe such. That will NEVER deter me, and message to the leftists, the more you scream, shout, and use profane and denigrating epithets, the more I will dig in my heels.

I will not stop coming to college and university campuses because you’re letting me know it’s getting under your skin. And you should never let an American paratrooper know they’re getting under your skin, because we just intensify the attack!

To the young conservatives on American college campuses, keep up the fight, and I’m honored to champion your cause, the cause of restoring our Constitutional Republic.

Well, it’s late and I have a 5:45am flight from Kansas City to Spokane Washington. Yep, I’m speaking Thursday evening at Gonzaga University. And yes, the topic is the same – our national security challenges with radical islam. The more you little progressive socialist darlings whine, complain, and protest, the more I will press on. Please realize temper tantrums from children do not affect me in any way shape or form – as a matter of fact, it calls me to question the parental instruction of your parents. I’m an American combat veteran, and if you REALLY believe calling me names hurts my feelings, you are idiots.

See you this evening at Gonzaga University…and if I have time, I’ll pick up some cheese to go with the whine.

Steadfast and Loyal!

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