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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu invited Palestinian leaders to come to his house for dinner last week, and they agreed, but then they stood him up, symbolically showing one of Barack Obama’s lasting achievements as President—the total sabotage of the Israeli-Palestinian dialogue.

Even though the PLO has “agreed” to unfreeze stalled talks, PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas stayed away from the meeting while PLO “Prime Minister” Salam Fayyad “got busy” at the last minute, basically extending their  3-year-policy of boycotting any real talks with Israel, while demanding that the world boycott all Israeli products.

So, instead of talking to Israel, Abbas-Fayyad sent a lower-level official with a letter once again declaring that unless Israel gave in to all Palestinian demands within two weeks, Abbas would again go to the UN to ram a PLO state down Israel’s throat.

Israel and the PLO have often disagreed, but they had been talking directly for 15 years until Barack Obama tried to help them and made things worse, causing a rupture in direct talks and launching a period where even PLO “moderates” regularly try to extort and blackmail Israel.

This PLO policy congealed into a hate-filled sore after Obama outbid even PLO demands for Israeli concessions, demanding a total “settlement” freeze  in 2009. President Obama would like to forget his part in this affair, but his ideas of settlement freeze translated into the Palestinians’ ideas of  peace freeze.

PLO leaders do not want to be seen or photographed with Netanyahu. Even talking about talking with Israel is taboo ever since Obama out-bid the Palestinians in 2009 and demanded a total Israeli settlement freeze before talks could begin. The Palestinians can not be any less Palestinian than Obama was.

Obama has taken two years to walk that back, but Palestinian Arabs and Muslim hate-mongers from Egypt to Saudi Arabia now believe that any Israeli concessions today will be followed by a second and third helping of more Israeli concessions later, especially if Obama is re-elected.

Hamas terrorists, who rain rockets on Israel from Gaza after purging PLO-Fatah terrorists in Gaza in 2006 (literally throwing some of them out of windows), believe they have Allah, Obama, and time itself on their side. Just as Obama told Russian leader Dimitri Medvedev that “after my election, I have more flexibility,” they believe they, too, will gain more if Obama is re-elected.

Obama believes that Israeli concessions will be met by Arab concessions, but Obama is apparently unaware of the history of the Arab-Israeli negotiating process.

When Israel ceded most of the West Bank and Gaza in 1993-4, PLO leader Yasser Arafat immediately started smuggling weapons and preparing for war. When Israel withdrew from Lebanon in 2000, pro-Iranian Hizballah terrorists quickly claimed land inside Israel, putting hundreds of terrorists in hardened tunnels on the Israeli border

Israel painfully evicted 10,000 of its citizens from Gaza in 2005, but the PLO and Hamas spurned peace. Gaza became a terror haven. Killers from Hamas and Islamic Jihad, Bedouin smugglers and Al-Qaeda wannabes use Gaza to attack Israel, Jordan  and Egypt, killing scores in all three countries. Meanwhile, Egypt is  headed into the arms of the Muslim Brotherhood, the group that inspired Hamas, and which Obama invited to dinner in Cairo in 2009.

President Obama has made some gestures to the Muslim Brotherhood on several occasions. Obama’s top aides—Lt. Gen. James Clapper, director of national intelligence, and John Brennan, the counter-terror aide, do not consider the Brotherhood as radical. Clapper called them moderates in congressional testimony,  and Brennan likes to talk about “jihad” as a spiritual journey.

But in the real world, where “jihad” means a physical holy war in Arabic, rockets and mortars have rained down on peaceful Israeli towns and villages, while the UN and its large Arab-Islamic lobby tried to keep Israel from stopping the attacks.

Arab terrorist infiltrators and rocket launchers regularly try to attack Israelis and tourists in Israel’s Negev or in its resort city of Eilat. The terrorists are usually not  successful, due to Israel’s watchfulness, not because the UN or Obama has pressed Hamas and the PLO to forego violence and to come to real talks.

For three years, PLO leader Abbas has gone through the charade of asking the Arab League for permission to talk to Israel, while actually encouraging the Arab League to prevent talks and to delegitimize any Jewish state in any form—in other words, Israel as a Jewish state in any possible border configuration.

The 1993 PLO-Israel entente—”The Oslo Accords”—led to the  worst terror in Israel’s history, in which 1,200 died in a decade. Today even many of Israel’s leftists and pacifists admit what the Israeli Center and the Israeli Right have said for years: Palestinian Arabs do not want to build “Palestine” as much as to destroy Israel.

If Gaza is any proof, once the Israelis are, God Forbid, out of the picture, Hamas, PLO-Fatah, Al-Qaeda, etc. will fight over the spoils, all the while blaming America, Britain, France, Germany and “the Zionists” for their own lack of development, pretending that they are still “occupied.” Hizballah in Lebanon does the same.

It is time to use the broken PLO dinner engagement at the Israeli prime minister’s house as a wake-up call for a hard-nosed Western re-evaluation of the Palestinians and other myths such as Arab “moderation” and “Arab Spring.”

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