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In my op-ed of 24 November “Reloading U.S. Military Credibility,” I discussed the need for the new administration to redefine our vital strategic objectives. However, it is complicated by the fact that most government agencies have not only been politicized but they have also been penetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and its front organizations, e.g., Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), et al., making their analysis questionable.

Compounding this problem is the fact that the MB and its front groups have joined forces with the so-called “progressives,” with their Marxist roots, and other fellow travelers. Once this is understood, the tactics and propaganda that were used by the Communists in the 1930s and 1940s will be seen as almost identical to what is being used today by this MB-Progressive cabal.

Two of the most successful ventures by the Communists and their undercover agents in the 40s involved the destruction of two strong anti-Communist leaders, China’s Chiang Kai-Shek and Yugoslavia’s General Draja Mihailovich. While China was the main prize, Yugoslavia was key to Soviet objectives in central Europe. The tactics and propaganda they used were nothing short of brilliant.

How they destroyed Chiang Kai-Shek and General Mihailovich, is a textbook lesson on what has happened in the Middle East today. The MB promoted its agenda using similar character assassination tactics, supported by the Obama administration, and was able to destroy allied secular, authoritarian Arab governments under the “Arab Spring” umbrella.

Moscow’s team in Tokyo was headed by a German-born Communist named Richard Sorge. When Hitler invaded Russia, Sorge’s main mission was to prevent Japan, an ally of Hitler, from attacking Russia. At about the same time, the U.S. Ambassador to Japan, Joe Grew, was working to head off a direct conflict between Japan and the U.S. by promoting a modus vivendi (truce) over Japan’s aggression in China. When it appeared that the Department of State (DOS) might back Ambassador Grew’s effort, U.S. undercover Communist agents swung into action. These included U.S. diplomat John Steward Howard Service and his Soviet agent roommate Sol Adler, stationed in China’s temporary capital Chunking; Owen Lattimore, editor of the Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR); Soviet Agent Lauchlin Currie in the White House; and Harry Dexter-White at U.S. Treasury.

Lattimore sent a memo to Currie in the White House strongly opposing any “truce,” as it would be a “great betrayal” of our good and faithful ally, Chiang Kai-Shek. Separately, White at Treasury was promoting an anti-truce hardline policy based on guidance he received from KGB agent Vitality Pavlov, which was sent to the DOS and ultimately to Tokyo as the proper position to take. Soviet tactics worked! There would be no truce, and no peace in the Pacific.

With the truce prospects killed, it was now time for the character assassination of Chiang Kai-Shek. Service, the U.S. diplomat, along with his roommate Adler, would send reinforcing memos to State describing Chiang Kai-Shek’s government as unbelievably corrupt, despotic, ineffective, and possibly collaborating with the Japanese. On the other hand, they would describe Mao Tse-tung’s Communists as “paragons” of virtue, moderate and democratic. The fact that General “Vinegar Joe” Stillwell, Commander of Allied Forces in the region, used to “mock” Chiang was not helpful. The striking features of their memos are how closely they resembled the reports being sent to U.S. and British authorities for the character assassination of General Mihailovich and the elevation of the Soviet protégé Tito!

Britain’s James Klugmann, a covert Cambridge Communist spy, had the Yugoslavia portfolio operating from Cairo. His reports to London denounced Mihailovich as a traitor and worse, a collaborator. Separately, Captain Linn Farish (OSS) parachuted in to join Tito’s forces for six weeks. He filed a report praising Tito as a true democratic leader while denouncing Mihailovich. Decades later, he would be surfaced as a KGB contact. Somehow, Farish’s report got to President Roosevelt in time for his 1943 meeting with Churchill and Stalin in Tehran. As a result, Allied support was shifted to Tito. Mihailovich, left with no support, was hunted down by Tito and killed.

The Communists’ tactics of the 30s and 40s are alive and well today as they have been successfully implemented by the MB-Progressive cabal. The MB made its greatest gain in Egypt by toppling our 30-year ally Hosni Mubarak. He was replaced by the MB leader Mohamed Morsi who tried to turn Egypt into an Islamic state under Islamic Law (shariah). Thirty million Egyptians took to the streets and forced his overthrow in 2013. Here in the United States we had a similar event on 8 November, 2016.

Our vital interests in the Middle East can be summarized as follows: prevent Iran from achieving a nuclear weapons capability; remove the illegal Iranian theocracy; ensure the survival of Israel; eliminate the Islamic State (IS) as a functioning entity; establish a Kurdish homeland; reinforce our relationship with Cairo; and maintain freedom of the seas in the Persian Gulf and Red Sea, including the Suez Canal. Also, eliminate the IS from Libya.

We have no vital strategic interest in Afghanistan; therefore, we should stop wasting our national treasure to support a corrupt and jihadist tribal society. In Syria, we are being fed Moscow’s propaganda to join them in the fight against IS, but in fact, we would be helping to solidify the expansion of the Iranian Shi’ite Crescent just as we did in Iraq. Furthermore, we are being pushed to support rebel forces whose allegiance at best is questionable. We should not sacrifice any more of our national treasure in further involvement in an intra-Islamic sectarian war that has gone on for more than a thousand years.

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