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An  Open Letter

As I stated in my op-ed of 17 May, after China played the North Korea nuclear card, your criticism of the Obama administration’s failure to take stronger actions against China’s illegal actions in the South China Sea were spot on! However, instead of following through with your proposed much tougher actions, your administration, with the help of Obama “holdovers,” fell into the trap of all recent past administrations: being nice to China so that they will help us resolve the North Korea nuclear problem. We continue to simply ignore the fact that it was China and Russia that created the North Korean nuclear problem in the first place!

A similar scenario was played out as you departed for your historic trip to the Middle East and Europe. You were encouraged not to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem as it might have an adverse impact on Middle East peace negotiations, and your trip objectives. Prior to that, certain GCC countries indicated they were prepared to make certain concessions to Israel. Therefore, don’t do anything that could derail potential peace negotiations or concessions that certain Arab States may be prepared to make to Israel.

What’s left out of that scenario is the fact that your statement that you were prepared to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem is what most likely prompted new undefined concessions to Israel and renewed interest in Israel-Palestinian peace negotiations. I hope your decision to sign a waiver and postpone the move to Jerusalem by at least six months does not become a regular ritual, as it did for the past three presidents. Granted, having the Palestinian terrorist leader Mahmoud Abbas to the White House gave impetus to the subject of renewed peace negotiations.

The most serious peace negotiations took place during President Clinton’s tenure. The First Summit took place at Camp David on 11 to 24 July, 2000. Both President Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak were prepared to cut a deal. Israel had dropped its refusal to divide Jerusalem and accepted “full Palestinian sovereignty” of the Temple Mount! Israel only asked the Palestinians to recognize that the Temple Mount was sacred to Jews. Arafat refused and, in effect, denied the core of the Jewish faith.

Abu Mazen, one of the lead Palestinian negotiators at that time, said that even before the summit, “Palestinians made it clear to the Americans that the Palestinian side is unable to make concessions on anything.” Nonetheless, one more attempt was made at the White House on 19 to 23 December, 2000. A final settlement proposal endorsed by Israeli Prime Minister Barak was offered. Again, Arafat rejected. He could not accept Israeli control of Jewish holy sites. In short, he was not prepared to make any concessions.

What has changed? Nothing! They are still Arafat loyalists, still Muslim, still faithful to the example of Mohammad. If anything, it has gotten more complicated with Hamas in control of Gaza and its refusal to accept the right of Israeli to exist. While the specifics of your discussion with Palestinian President Abbas are not known, it can be assumed that he gave you assurances that he is prepared to enter into serious peace negotiations with Israel. Based on the collapse of the 2008 peace negotiation with Abbas sponsored by President Bush over initially the same issues that Arafat had rejected, the prospects for any successful negotiations appear very dim, particularly if Hamas is made part of the negotiating team—as proposed by their sponsor, CAIR. We should not forget that CAIR is one of the unindicted co-conspirators of the terrorist funding Holy Land Foundation Trial.

Separately, you are being told that the Islamic State (IS) and other affiliated terrorist groups have promoted a perverted version of Islam. The current rationale is that all we have to do is eliminate the Islamic State, and similar rebel groups and some sense of stability will be achieved. In effect, they claim, IS has “hijacked a great religion.” After all, Islam is a religion of peace. Those were the worst six words President George W. Bush ever uttered. Nothing could be further from the truth. One of the objectives of your trip, Mr. President, as stated by your National Security Advisor, was to promote “a more moderate version of Islam.”  Unfortunately, there isn’t any. The atrocities that we see being carried out by IS are consistent with core Islamic doctrine. It is not “violent extremism.” Islam, is a totalitarian ideology, bent on world domination, masquerading as a religion.

President Erdogan of Turkey said it best when he was Prime Minister:  “Islam is Islam. Democracy is the train we ride to achieve our ultimate objective which is to make Islam the dominant religion throughout the world.”

When Mohammad was in Mecca, before his migration (Hijra) to Medina, he was only able to attract a few hundred followers by preaching. The verses he claimed to receive from Allah during the so-called “Mecca period” reflect his weak status. The verses were passive, tolerant, and generally non-violent as he tried to attract more followers. These pre-Medina non-violent scriptures are confusing to the non-Muslim world as they are often cited by Muslims to hide the true nature of Islam.

That all changed after the hijra to Medina in 622. By that date Mohammad had built up his forces, all the peaceful scriptures turned to violence, and the Islamic jihad as we know it today began in earnest. Make no mistake, support for Islamic jihad is mandatory for all Muslims.

The fact that during the Arab-Islamic-American Summit in Riyadh an agreement was reached on establishing a “Global Center for Combatting Extremism” is a remarkable achievement. Hopefully, it will be able to curtail funding support and recruitment. Ultimately, it could be a center to help coordinate efforts for the removal of the Iranian theocracy, notwithstanding the Qatar problem.

Regardless of what was promised to you during your visit to Saudi Arabia— that they will work toward eliminating the Islamic state, etc—the Islamic principle of taqiyya comes into play. Taqiyya, or deceiving the infidels, is sanctioned to advance the cause of Islam. That says it all. Don’t fall into the trap on the futile peace negotiations or failing to move our embassy to Jerusalem.

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