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Recently we reported how the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Navy officers who captured our Sailors and forced them into a surrender positionwere recognized with awards by the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei for their “courageous and timely” actions.

Silly me, I thought the Iranians were there to help our Sailors who had engine trouble—I guess the Iranians saw it differently. And don’t forget, the IRGC is a designated terrorist organization, right along with the Iranian Quds Force. This element works directly for the Ayatollah—hence why he personally pinned medals on them. And lest you forget, President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry praised the Iranians and thanked them for the kindness, treatment, and expeditious release of our Sailors. Obama even went so far as to claim this was a win for diplomacy. HELL no. American Sailors on their knees at gun point ain’t no damn victory for diplomacy.

Now we have a new revelation, yet to hit our American news media, and ask yourself, just how long did this story play in our media cycle?

As reported by Tasnim News, “Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Navy Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi said the forces extracted a lot of information from the confiscated cell phones and laptops of the US sailors recently captured by Iran after intrusion into the country’s territorial waters.

We have extracted extensive information from their (American sailors’) laptops and cell phones,” Admiral Fadavi said in a parliamentary session in Tehran on Monday. The IRGC commander went on to say that the information can be made public if a decision is made to that effect.

Admiral Fadavi also noted that the IRGC has filmed the capture of the US sailors for several hours, the release of which would bring humiliation to the United States. If US officials say they are angry with and frustrated by the footage released, they would be 100 times more embarrassed if the IRGC releases other films of the capture, the Iranian commander said. Iran does not seek to humiliate any nation, he said, but stressed that if they want to humiliate Iran, the IRGC would publish the footage and make them even more embarrassed and humiliated.”

You know what? This sounds like international blackmail or extortion to me, and what will the Obama administration promise Iran in order to prevent this from being revealed? Then again, as Boeing learned, why should anyone trust the Iranians – and consider how stupid Boeing looks after they forked over millions of dollars in heavy lobbying for the sanctions to be relieved.

Now, I have an interesting inquiry: if this pans out to be true that the IRGC Navy was able to confiscate cell phones and laptops, how did that happen? Why were these materials not thrown overboard instead of being surrendered to the IRGC Navy patrol?

Folks, this is just beyond bizarre and our media has obviously moved on – certainly the Secretary of the Navy has moved on. SecNav Ray Mabus is more worried about gender-neutral duty positions in the Navy and Marine Corps than the fact that classified materials fell into the hands of our enemy.

Oops, I’m so sorry, I apologize, the Iranians are now our new BFFs…according to the conciliatory modern-day reflection of Neville Chamberlain, Barack Obama.

Here is my question—did this Navy Lieutenant act on his own? Or did someone from very on high give an order to “stand down” and allow his assault boats…and I repeat, assault boats—to be boarded? This was a hostile act by Iran and it is shameful that NO ONE is talking about this and showing any concern. We are now in another compromising position in relation to Iran and just as with Hillary Clinton’s emails, we have no idea what the Iranians secured off those cell phones and computers.

Is there anyone in Washington DC that will take up an investigation? SecNav Mabus and the Chief of Naval Operations should have been called before the House and Senate Armed Services Committees two weeks ago. Remember how many weeks Abu Gharaib ran front page of the New York Times? Yep, it’s obvious, since the liberal progressive media has their fella in the White House – they don’t care. And do not get me started on Extortion 17.

Let me close by making a very definitive statement. If I were to become Secretary of Defense, some folks are gonna be getting called on the carpet. The first one I will start with is SecNav Ray Mabus. And if anyone tries to “advise” me that I can’t do that, just WATCH me.

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