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The leftist media gleefully have informed us that the failure to repeal Obamacare represents a generational change in Americans’ thinking on health care.

The Senate’s failure, by one vote, to repeal Obamacare means Americans have decided they want everyone covered, eventually by single-payer, government-sponsored health care, the argument goes.

Nonsense. It’s more like we have met the enemy and he is us.

If John McCain, R-Ariz., had not stopped the repeal of Obamacare, another GOP sacrificial scam would have stepped up to maintain the elected elite’s Status No to the wishes of the people who voted to put Republicans in charge of the House, Senate, White House and two-thirds of the states. We still want our country back – not only from the liberals but from the elected elites whose only victories seem to come after Election Day.

That Donald Trump has had the effrontery to actually live up to his promises has caused Republicans, such as McCain, to join hands with Democrats in bipartisan attempts to stop the president from doing precisely what we elected him and the Republicans in charge of Congress to do.

The leaks of the Deep State, the Republican-led obstruction of the president’s agenda in the Senate and the phalanx of Obama holdovers working within the administration to undermine it are all designed to restore some sort of Bush-Clinton monarchy.

Sadly, it is being done with considerable assistance from the president’s party. GOP apparatchiks have kept Trump loyalists out of the administration and funneled in their friends and former Bush loyalists to slow-walk the president’s agenda and help special counsel Robert Mueller find a kill shot on Trump.

Maryland’s GOP is at the heart of the scandal. Only one Trump loyalist from Maryland serves in the administration, but numerous friends of someone else do. This is not wise, and it is not an accident.

To the establishment, Trump’s crimes are unforgivable. He defeated the status quo and since then has been saying no to all manner of damage that the elected elites of both parties have done over the last 30 years. The GOP is incredibly blind to the fact that Trump’s fight against unfettered immigration is their fight – stop it now or see Texas and Florida join California as Democrat Party strongholds. Those two states alone would make up a fourth of the 270 electoral votes. If both align with California, it’s game over.

Trump won the race that only he could have won by promising to rebuild America’s working class. If he can do that through better trade, defense and energy policies, the rebirth of Midwestern civilization will turn the Rust Belt into the Recovery Belt and its voters as reliably conservative as those in the New South.

After almost 400 years in Maryland and more than 130 in Montgomery County, my family is leaving the once Free State. My children never will return – they abhor the theft of their money, liberty and dignity at the hands of the ultra-liberal Democrats in the county – so there is no reason for me to stay. I’m joining them. Family first.

Besides, it’s frustrating to think of the selfishness of some elected Republicans and the arrogance of political consultants, who never seem to spot the Gov. Larry Hogan or President Trump who can bend the arc of electoral history in our direction against all odds. Like the proverbial generals, these experts always seem to be fighting the last war.

This is not a rant. This is a warning. Ignore this at the peril of our children’s future. Either Donald Trump succeeds, or America and the GOP are doomed. If Trump is thwarted, it will have been an inside job by Republicans. If that comes to pass the people who elected him will make it very clear that his election in 2016 was an uprising, not an upset. If Trump is removed from office, the will of the voters will have been overturned, and a revolution of some kind then would not be surprising.

We’ve gone through this twice already. That should be enough.

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