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I am a former staffer of a union minister in the cabinet of late Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi. I am also a political analyst and an author of four books—two on Churchill and two on U.S. politics. My last book, First Lady President, written back in 2003, was a fictional account of a U.S. presidential election imagining the rise of a woman president and an African American man as vice president from the Democratic Party. I sent a copy of this book, 20 months before the election in 2008, to then Sen. Barack Obama, because of the similarity of the character Charak Sudama in the book. I believe that Obama picked up “anti-war” and “change” talking points from the book, and used it to help defeat Hillary Clinton in the primaries and John McCain in the presidential election of that year. The blog, Wonkette, carried a posting about this in July 2010.

If you want the evidence of this claim, here is my website that lays out the evidence. It is not easy to understand this claim. Hence, I have published explanations in order to facilitate it.

I have a track record of reaching conclusions and deductions through analysis, and recording them somewhere either in a book or on the Internet. Often in the past they have turned out to be true, as confirmed by Global Post reporter Jason Overdorf following a personal interview. In his November, 2010 column, he wrote, “Whatever the merits of the author’s story, the story of the author is remarkable. With nothing more than a political intuition sharpened by Churchill and the BBC, Ratnu claims, he crafted a crucial campaign speech for Charak Sudama that bears striking similarities to the rhetoric of the Obama campaign, including its central message.”

I have put my latest conclusions, based on my analysis, on YouTube. I have put my story and certain conclusions about the current election into these three videos. They offer my ideas that should cast serious doubt on President Obama’s national security credentials. I think you will find the contents quite revealing and startling in view of my Indian background. Let me not be confused because of my Asian background and turban headgear with an Osama Bin Laden-like person in any way. I am a man of peace, non-violence, literature, music, love and respect for all the people of all the lands. I have great respect for freedom and democracy. In fact, my writing is largely centered on promoting these causes only. As an author I am recognized by the Churchill Center in the U.S. and also by Mr. Shashi Tharoor, a renowned Indian author, a contestant for the post of Secretary General of UNO and now a union minister of India. I have also witnessed two American presidential elections by actually traveling to the U.S. in both 2004 and 2008.

It may kindly be noted that I have great respect for President Obama because of his personal nature of simplicity, for his oratorical abilities and for his achievement of becoming the President of the United States, given his background. But I reserve my right to have a perspective of my own towards his understanding of the national security issues. I sincerely believe that he has presented a picture of weakness of his nation by announcing in advance a withdrawal schedule of American forces from Afghanistan, by offering apology after apology to so many nations projecting the U.S. as a “guilty” nation. He has also revealed his naiveté by allowing and supporting an ethnic Iranian to erect a mosque and Islamic center on the very gates of the World Trade Center (ground zero), a worldwide icon destroyed by Islamic terrorists.

These are the reflections of his failure to understand certain national security issues which will have fallout as revealed in the video—over and above his other potential disqualifications. I fear the consequences of such a unique, unusual, unprecedented combination of disqualifications. I therefore decided to alert the American people about this election by taking this unusual step of making a posting on YouTube. Perhaps this by itself is an unprecedented example in the whole history of U.S. presidential elections—that a foreign person with very little means has taken such an unusual step in order to inform the American people with the hope that it will come to their notice in time. Below are Parts 1, 2 and 3 of my story:



(actual alert is in this part )


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