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There are some decisions which I simply cannot fathom how anyone could make. We’ve discussed here the issue surrounding U.S. Army Special Forces Green Berets Captain Dan Quinn and Sergeant First Class Charles Martland. These men were relieved of their positions by the chain of command because they physically assaulted an Afghan police officer who had raped a young boy and beaten his mother.

We reported on SFC Martland’s appeal regarding his involuntary discharge from the Army because of the adverse actions taken against him and placed in his personnel record. Captain Quinn left the Army.

We shared with you earlier this week how the U.S. Military has issued orders to troops in Afghanistan to disregard the instances of sexual abuse of young boys by Afghan officials – even if they occurred on U.S. Military bases. We know three Marines lost their lives in Helmand province when one of these “chai boys” took the AK-47 of the pedophile Afghan police chief and gunned them down while they worked out in the FOB gym.

And now we get this news.

As reported by The Daily Caller, “The U.S. Army has just rejected the appeal of Green Beret Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland, who received a discharge scheduled to take effect Nov. 1 for shoving an Afghan rapist to the ground. “Consequently, your request for an appeal and continued service is disapproved,” U.S. Human Resources Command (USAHRC) said in a Sept. 14 memo sent to Martland. The reason for the denial? The office said that Martland’s appeal attempt “does not meet the criteria” because it brings no new information to the table.

Later, the letter added that the decision is final, Fox News reports. In 2011, Martland came up close and personal to a local Afghan police commander, who was accused of raping a boy and then assaulting his mother. The Afghan commander laughed when confronted by Martland, and so Martland shoved him to the ground. Along with his team leader, Martland was removed from the base in Kunduz Province, Afghanistan. In a memo obtained by Fox News, it seems clear that Martland received severe criticism from the leadership for interfering.”

What rationale is being used by the U.S. Army Human Resources Command? And the commanding general of that command needs to be asked if he condones child sex abuse, regardless of culture. As I shared before, the motto of the Army Green Beret is “De Oppresso Libre” – to Liberate the Oppressed – what part of that motto is inconsistent with the actions of SFC Martland, who earned a Bronze Star with a valor device for his combat bravery? What message does this send to our men and women in uniform?

“Gen. John F. Campbell, commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, has strenuously denied the existence of any such policy requiring soldiers to ignore what they see. Instead, Campbell said he’s taken the time to speak to President Ashraf Ghani about the problem.”

The crux of that discussion should have been the cessation of U.S. financial support to Afghanistan if this despicable practice continues, a complete violation of standards of decency and humanity. What does it say to the mothers and little boys of Afghanistan when we are allowing this to happen – and punishing those who take a stand? If you speak to any Soldier who has served in Afghanistan they will tell you this is a common practice, and somehow, it is proliferated with no consequence. Someone has told our troops to keep quiet – and that person needs to be discovered.

And what is the new Secretary of the Army going to do about this? What shall the new Chief of Staff of the Army do about this? I call upon them to reverse this decision, promote SFC Martland to Master Sergeant, and if he wishes, bring Captain Quinn back to active duty.

I know, everyone is focused on Pope Francis visiting America, got it. He’ll come and go, but this issue deserves the attention of our news media and every single American. If there is a bipartisan issue, this is one. Anyone out there tell me you agree with this decision? Tell me you agree with the silence in the face of this vile and savage behavior to rape young boys. Perhaps this is a cause of the PTSD for some of our troops – having to listen to the cries of these boys and not be able to do anything.

Where is the moral compass of the U.S. Army? And for the USAHRC to say this decision is final because there is “no new information brought to the table” is unconscionable. The known information should be enough to reverse this decision – unless the U.S. Army, MY Army, now condones child sex abuse, rape, and beating women.

Where is the respect for the chivalry of the Warrior? I am in Dallas, Texas and I can hear this Afghan police chief laughing, laughing right before he goes out and rapes another little boy. SFC Martland is fighting for his military career while a pedophile is laughing. Let me put this simply, if I were SecDef, that bastard would not be laughing, and SFC Martland would be my enlisted aide.

This is a call to action, melt the Pentagon phone lines and tell them in no uncertain terms that America will not send her sons and daughters to serve in an immoral military. Call the Commanding General of the USAHRC and demand this decision is reversed. Challenge the new Secretary of the Army to explain to us if he agrees with sexual abuse of young boys in the presence of our Soldiers. Email and call your congressional representatives, Republican, Democrat, Independent, and tell them to unite against this injustice against US Army Green Beret SFC Charles Martland.

I don’t know what disgusts me more, the actions of the Afghans, which are to be expected…or that of our U.S. Army, which should not be expected.

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