Accuracy in Media

High school students in Colorado learned that supposedly harmless pranks can have serious consequences. The Mesa Ridge High School  yearbook this year contained a photo of a student with a caption that said “most likely to assassinate President Bush.”

As a result of the “prank” about 100 yearbooks have been recalled and the remaining books have had the caption blacked out with a marker by the staff.

One student commented that this kind of ruined the yearbook and that the reaction was ridiculous since it was obviously a joke. Is she sure of that? Considering that Colorado was the scene of the Columbine shooting and that we are in a war to combat terrorism, this prank was beyond the pale.

Now the students not only have a yearbook marred with a marker, but they also have a Secret Service investigation since the caption was seen as a threat against the President. In this case they got what they deserved.

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