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wolf blitzer ridiculist

On Wednesday CNN’s Wolf Blitzer weighed in on the problems plaguing the government’s health care website by suggesting that maybe they should have listened to the Republicans, and delayed Obamacare for another year:

If they had three years to get this ready—if they weren’t fully ready, they should accept the advice that a lot of Republicans are giving them, delay it another year, get it ready, and make sure it works.

Blitzer’s comments didn’t go over very well, to say the least, with his liberal media colleagues, so he tried to clarify his remarks with a tweet:

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 3.09.31 PM

Well not at least directly.

By criticizing the $634 million problem-plagued website, he was pointing out that people can’t comply with the individual mandate if they can’t access the system.

Nice try Wolf, but why don’t you just man up and stand by what you said?

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