Accuracy in Media

ABC?s Good Morning America co-host Charlie Gibson got an earful Tuesday night while he was reporting for World News Tonight from New Orleans at the end of the Mardi Gras. 

Gibson may have thought he was far enough away from the partying crowd but when he did his report on the Anna Nicole Smith Supreme Court case, all of sudden a woman let out a loud scream.  Gibson was off camera at the time, but when he appeared on camera at the end of the story his lips were pursed and he looked upset. He then moved on to a story about veterans returning from Iraq and as luck would have it another scream from the same person rang out in the middle of the story.

I have to give credit to Gibson who didn?t crack or lose his temper during what must have been one of the more bizarre moments in his career.  But didn?t the producer of the program know that doing a story during Mardi Gras was a risk at least from a noise standpoint.  After all you want the news to be heard and the stories to be remembered for their content not because someone screamed in the middle of them.

Then again, maybe they hired Howard Dean as a consultant.

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