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obama dismayed

With the partial release of emails described as a “media strategy” discussion over a Fox News report on Benghazi, from September 2012, the White House didn’t do anything to quell conservative suspicions that they are trying to cover up what really happened in Benghazi. The Fox News report said that the intelligence community knew within 24 hours that Benghazi was a terrorist attack.

According to Judicial Watch, the emails were originally classified as “SENSITIVE BUT UNCLASSIFIED,” and the State Department “withheld comments, opinions and assessments related to the formulation of a media strategy with respect to an ongoing sensitive matter …The release of this information could reasonably be expected to chill the frank deliberations that occur when State Department and other U.S. government officials are formulating public responses to address sensitive issues.”

Not only did they redact large portions of the email exchange, they also failed to cite the reasons for the redactions—as is normally the case in Freedom of Information Act requests—leading to even more speculation as to what they are hiding.

I don’t know what could possibly be sensitive enough in these emails to be redacted, considering that they were focused on a Fox News report, but it certainly doesn’t bolster the administration’s and Democrats’ arguments that there is nothing to this story beyond what they have already told the public.

Hopefully the new House Select Committee on Benghazi will be able to get past the subterfuge from the White House and get to the bottom of this very important matter.

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