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The White House Press Corps expects some spin from Press Secretary Josh Earnest, but they were stunned on Thursday by his inability to admit just how devastating the midterm elections were for the Democrats.

It all started when American Urban Radio Networks reporter April Ryan asked Earnest whether he would describe Tuesday’s election results as “a big loss for Democrats.” He replied by saying that answering that was more in line with “punditry”—which is something he wasn’t going to do:

There are lots of people who get paid a lot more money than I do who are responsible for offering up analysis and spinning the elections, and I’m not going to do that. What I’m focused on here and what everybody here is focused on is figuring out on what we can do to work with Republicans and move the country forward. And those are the lessons from the election and that’s what we’re here to talk about.

That answer didn’t deter ABC News’ Jon Karl and Talk Radio News Service’s Ellen Ratner, who continued to press Earnest on whether or not the elections were bad for Democrats. They finally wore him down:

I’m certainly disappointed with the outcome of the elections–the President is too.

While that wasn’t exactly the answer the press was looking for, it was the best one that they were likely to get from a White House that’s still in denial that Obama and his policies were largely to blame for the election results—which have left the Democratic Party in shambles.




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