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Jay Carney

White House press secretary Jay Carney took a page from the Kathleen Sebelius website-operation dictionary when he told the White House Press Corps on Thursday that the Obamacare website was working, but it was just “poorly functional:”

The website has been functional, it’s just been poorly functional

Sounds a little like HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who told a Congressional committee on Wednesday that the website hadn’t crashed and was “running at a low level.”

Carney was also asked how the administration could provide reliable enrollment information by November 15, when the website wouldn’t be fully functional until at least November 30:

I think if you look at the middle of November as the time when you would release information that couldn’t be finalized before the last day of October, based on the kind of data that’s released for similar kinds of programs, that’s pretty standard practice…So you take it all in, you collate it. If you’re asking me will enrollment be low, the answer is yes because that was always going to be the case.

There is low and there is non-existent. According to figures that were released late yesterday, just six people signed up on the first day, growing to a less than impressive 248 after a few days.

The administration had set a goal of 7-million enrollments by March 1st of next year. But thanks to a botched website rollout and premiums coming in much higher than expected, in most cases, it will be virtually impossible to reach that number or anything approaching it by the self-imposed target date.

As we say on Twitter, this is a #FAIL

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