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White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest claimed Thursday that President Obama is the “most popular politician in America.”

Earnest made that claim in response to a reporter’s question about whether the ongoing battle for the Democratic presidential nomination between Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will be an impediment to gaining ground on GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump:

“Based on what the President has said before, I think he feels quite confident that Democrats will come together around a set of values that he himself has been advocating for for the last seven years. There’s a reason that the President is the most popular politician in America, particularly among Democrats, that his approval rating is higher and his unfavorable rating is lower among Democrats than anybody else in the country.

That is a strong endorsement of the work that this President has done over the last eight years or so, and that certainly is going to enhance the President’s ability to make an argument to those very voters about the stakes in the election, about the need to elect somebody who will look to build on that progress..”

While Obama’s 51 percent approval rating, according to Gallup, is higher than either Clinton or Sanders, it pales in comparison to the 70 percent approval ratings of Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan and Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker—two Republican governors in very Democratic states. It proves the White House is wrong yet again when it comes to defending Obama and his policies, and it shows how the liberal media let them get away with making false statements.

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