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Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) spoke recently to a public policy class at Stanford and lamented the hard times since Republicans took over control of Congress 12 years ago.

Lofgren who bucked the trend and was elected in the Republican tsunami of 1994 can be forgiven for her lack of institutional knowledge but not for her lack or reality.

According to The Stanford Daily she focused her comments on the power of the majority and told the class that “What you can do in the minority is very different than what you can do in the majority.” Doh!

How do you think the Republicans felt after being out of power for 50 years?

Then there is this quote about her feelings on the possibility of the Democrats regaining control of the House in less than two weeks.

“A lot of hard feelings can be built up in a dozen years of rude and unfair treatment,” Lofgren said. “But our job is not to wallow in that, because the country does not need that.”

Thanks Zoe, I’m glad that you aren’t going to hold a grudge, but since you have only known a Republican congress, exactly what do you know about rude and unfair treatment?  In my opinion since the Republicans took control they haven’t been tough enough on the opposition. They actually are much more likely to compromise or cave in to the Democrats than vice-versa.

If Zoe thinks the Republicans have been unfair and rude then she really must be wearing rose colored glasses.

For those concerned about illegal immigration, the possibility of a change in control should send shudders down their spine. Lofgren has her sites set on chairing a subcommittee on immigration and after a quick check of her record the situation will get a lot worse than it is today.

Maybe Republicans are becoming an endangered species in California, but Stanford still has an obligation to balance the viewpoints, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

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