Accuracy in Media

After two debates it has become obvious that the big media is doing all they can to spin the debates to the Kerry-Edwards campaign. 

While some may argue that President Bush could have and should have done a better job in his first debate with John Kerry there was little or no questioning on the contradictions of John Kerry during the debate or how he managed to avoid specifically answering questions.  For example what is the Kerry plan in Iraq?  He kept saying he had a plan but short of having a summit I still don’t know what that plan is. 

Then we had Vice President Cheney debate Senator John Edwards and the media labeled it either an outright victory for Edwards or a draw and therefore a victory for Edwards.  This despite Edwards being left defenseless when Cheney highlighted highlighted his miserable intelligence and judiciary committee attendance.  Couple that with the comment by Cheney on having never met Edwards before and one would think that Cheney had the upper hand. Yet the media reports show otherwise. 

So when the next debate occurs on Friday, expect more of the same.  The media is counting on the President to bungle it.  If he hits a home run though it still may only be reported as a single.  Let the viewer beware.

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