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Vice president Joe Biden has plucked another journalist to serve as his communications director according to the Washington Post’s Chris Cilizza.

Veteran political reporter Shailagh Murray is leaving the Washington Post to serve as communications director for Vice President Joe Biden, The Fix learned today.

“There are few reporters more skillful than Shailagh when it comes to connecting politics and policy in Washington,” said Post national editor Kevin Merida. “She is a master at explaining complex legislation and the unpredictable twists and turns of Congress. Her sophisticated understanding of issues and an ability to bring big ideas to our pages have served readers well.”

Murray is the latest in a line of journalists who have joined the Obama administration during the past two years including former ABC News reporter Linda Douglass.

Conservatives pointed to Murray’s hiring as yet another example of the revolving door between the media and Democratic politics with former Bush press secretary Dana Perino tweeting “Now that another reporter from the media has gone to work for the VP, can we just stop pretending there’s no liberal bias?”

That’s wishful thinking on Perino’s part but she is right.

The hiring of journalists by the White House breaks down the already thin wall that currently exists between the media and the administration and it underscores just how much the mainstream media admires Obama.

And the media wonders why 50% of the public thinks that they are liberally biased and 63% think they are inaccurate?


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