Accuracy in Media

Lauersy Interview

Did Matt Lauer give a softball interview to controversial geography teacher Jay Bennish? For one perspective read what Jay Ambose has to say.

Scandalous Nursery Rhymes

One amateur British historian claims that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the origins of frequently recited nursery rhymes. Read about it here.

Risky Rhymes

Just in case the above story wasn’t enough, comes another report from Great Britain on the dangers of nusery rhymes.

Do Students Cheat?

With the explosion of the internet and increasing pressure to obtain top grades cheating has become very easy.  Usc students try and define what constitutes cheating

Accident or Terrorism?

Should the recent episode of a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate ramming a sport utility vehicle into a group of students be treated as an act of terrorism?

Yale Law Journal vs. Academic Freedom

Law Journal embroiled in dispute about publishing an artcle from a law school graduate who referred to blacks as “nig” and “nigs” in class notes.

Animals and Slavery

PETA is touring the country with an exhibit comparing human slavery to the suffering animals supposedly endure while in captivity.  You be the judge.

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