Accuracy in Media

Racially Immature

Journalist Leonard Pitts tells his audience at UNC Greensboro that we are racially immature and that he is tired of hearing about “Black American Icons”.

Noam Chomsky the Capitalist

The left frequently speaks out against America and our capitalist system, but that doesn’t stop them from collecting lots of cold hard cash for their opinions and Chomsky is just another example of this hypocrisy.

Title IX Compliance

If a proposal by U.S. Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) is passed complying with Title IX will become harder and threaten more college sports programs.

Who Wants to be a College President?

Usually conservatibe students are the victims of political correctness.  The case of Harvard’s Larry Summers shows that even a college or university president can also be vistimized by the same process.

Racist, Sexist Art

Nothing like a bunch of feminists donning guerilla masks to rail about racism and sexism in Western art and film. 

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