Accuracy in Media

Joseph Wilson Gets a Voice

The discredited former ambassador will give a speech at UC Santa Cruz which is being sponsored by Faculty Against War.  It’s nice to know that radicalism hasn’t faded away at UCSC and that the students are getiing a balanced education.

Former USC Grad Serves in Iraq

President Bush complained last month that the media doesn’t talk about the positive news in Iraq.  He was right.  Now the USC Daily Trojan offers a glimpse of a soldiers life. Where is the mainstream media?

Talks Show Host Blasts PC

Philadelphia talk show host Michael Smerconish has written a book about political correctness called Muzzled.  Sounds like an appropraie title since that is what usally happens to those that are politically incorrect.

Politically Correct Farming

Wayne Mapp a member of the National Party in New Zealand and the party’s “Minister of Political Correctness” saye even the farm isn’t immune from the pc police.


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