Accuracy in Media

New Zealand’s PC Path

Wayne Mapp continues his assault on political correctness in New Zealand.

Harvard and the Transgendered

Harvard caves in to pressure and adds “gender identity” protection to its non discrimination policy.  And Wayne Mapp thought things were bad in New Zealand.

Stanford is Warming Up

Carol Browner, former EPA Administrator under Bill Clinton warns the students about the dangers of global warming.  No sign of any real science here.

Maybe Captain Kirk was a Homophobe

Lt. Sulu is now fighting for gay rights and hopes by the 23rd century that “all forms of sexuality will be the norm”.

Nude College Protest

Taking a page from animal rights activists students at UC Berkeley held their second mostly nude protest against sweatshop clothing.  Just what I would want to see if I am escorting a propective student around campus.

Illegal Awareness Day

College Republicans at Penn State stir up the campus with their plans to hold an Illegal Awareness Day.

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