Accuracy in Media

PC Grades

According to reports of a recent study conservative students grades don’t suffer as a result of their political beliefs. The professor behind the study must have missed the Ruth Malhotra story.

College Flunks Math Test

Bellevue Community College apologizes for a not so subtle practice math test given students in March referring to Condoleezza holding a watermelon over her head atop a Federal Building.

Party On U Penn!

The student newspaper recently reported that a student was cited for underage drinking should have been granted amnesty. Maybe the university is heavily invested in drug and alcohol related stocks.

A Queer Night

Lawrence University a small liberal arts school in Appleton, WI hosted a Festival of Queer Arts and Aesthetics recently. Appleton is also home to the John Birch Society.

Is Online Grading a New Trend?

At U.C. Davis some economics students must pay a fee to have their homework graded. Either pay up or lose 15% of your grade.

Defending Political Correctness

Leave it to The Guardian to defend “political correctness gone mad.” Thanks to this line of reasoning political correctness should be one step closer to being eradicated.

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