Accuracy in Media

Sprinkling Advice

In another great example of the questionable value of a high priced education, AU students and guests were told to have safe sex  from a former porn star and prostitute.

Harvard & Feminism

There is at least once student who thinks feminism has gone too far.  Maybe there is hope for Harvard after all.

Aussie PC Woes

According to one citizen the pc wave sweeping across Australia borders on the ridiculous.

The PC Lord

Not to be outdone by the Australians, one British Lord has banned the use of the word “homosexual” as offensive.  It now joins the words Asian, man and wife, immigrant, West Indian, mixed race and asylum seeker.  Sure makes sense to me.

The Al-Jazeera Threat

Canadian journalists explain their motivation for joining the soon to be launched English version of the Al -Jazeera network.  The propaganda war is about to heat up.

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