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Actor Dreyfuss Accuses the Media of Bias

Sounding almost like a conservative, Richard Dreyfuss speaks out on media bias.  He apparently forgot that the bias is coming from his side of the political fence.

Wilson Finds an Audience in Santa Cruz

Discredited former U.S. Ambassador Joseph Wilson found a friendly crowd at U.C. Santa Cruz where anti-war activism is in full bloom.

Transgendered Students Gain Protection at Princeton

Princeton has joined the list of colleges and universities that give more protection to students that aren’t sure of their gender than they do to heterosexuals.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

Major newspapers who have lost hoards of viewers to the internet, are now starting to post blogs on their websites in an effort to draw readers back.

Is Plagiarism Routine?

The Boston Globe reports that plagiarism is more widespread than you might think.

Saudi Bloggers Fear Official Group

Bloggers in Saudi Arabia fear that a new government organzied group will limit their freedom of expression.


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