Accuracy in Media

Liberal Bloggers Unite

Liberal bloggers gather in Las Vegas and Howard Dean is expected to attend.  Despite the slogan what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas he had better watch what he says, even if this is his audience.

AP in North Korea

North Korea which is not known for it’s openess has allowed the Associated Press Television News to set up a full time office in Pyongyang.

Warmed Over Gore

Not everyone is enamored with Al Gore’s new movie opening today. 

Deer Fear, Where’s PETA?

It’s not mating season but try telling that to the deer at the University of Carbondale campus that attacked three students this week.  How exactly do you explain a deer injury?

Score One for Grading Curves

If not for the grading curve one student at Purdue University at West Lafayette may have gotten away with hacking the computer system to change his physics grade.

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