Accuracy in Media

Great Scot!

To help maintain the self esteem of primary school aged children one Scottish school has renamed classes from 1a and 1b to 1ar and 1ab. 

Lefty Invavsion

Conservatives might actually find themselves praising the mainstream media ( well not really) after The Guardian hits our shores.

Reporters Are People Too!

New York Times White House correspondent Elisabeth Bumiller says that reporters aren’t ideological, but in fact real people. 

Shocking Slides

Those nifty plastic playground slides that have replaced metal slides now come with a nasty shock for those with cochlear hearing implants. Up to 25,000 volts worth.

Unbiased Brits

Reuters and BBC World News have launched ad campaigns touting their objectivity.  To those that have read reports from these news organizations it calls into question the objectivity of the ad campaigns.

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