Accuracy in Media

Black Sheep in India

Continuing a movement that has been sweeping Great Britain,  one Indian state has banned “Baa, Baa Black Sheep” in favor of More Indian centric rhymes.  Maye I can come up with some words for “Moo, Moo Holy Cow.”

Canadian Border Control?

The recent arrest of 17 suspected terrorists in Canada has many thinking that political correctness, multiculturalism  and open borders may not be in Canada’s best interests.  Duh!

Ad Industry Racism?

The President and CEO of Black Enterprise Magazine said the ad industry is “licensed to practice racism”.  Nothing like using the “R ” word to get corporations to start falling all over themselves to promise imrpovements. 

“Nigger” Headline Shocks Chicagoans

If the black-oriented Chicago Defender wanted to atrract attention they certainly accomplished their goal with a recent headline.

Cheap Skate Journalsim

Faced with declining profits and competition from the internet many news organizations are shifting to a younger and cheaper work force.  What does this mean for the future of journalism?

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