Accuracy in Media

Baseball, Apple Pie and Al-Jazeera?

As we approach July 4th it is ridiculous that Al-Jazeera would consider itself as American as apple pie. Note the mention given to Accuracy In Media for blocking their efforts to launch in the U.S.

AP’s Misleading Headline

You would think that with a headline of “Scientists OK Gore Movie for Accuracy” would give overwhelming proof that the former veep’s movie is scientifically sound. The findings were based on 19 scientists that had seen the movie or read the book. Now that’s a scientific sample!

One Nation Under Fluff

Massachusetts State Senator Jarrett Barrios has dropped his proposal to ban fluff from school cafeterias after the issue tied up the legislature for a week. Who cares about education, taxes and the like when fluff is on the agenda?

Air America Deflating

The president of Air America Radio will leave his post at the end of June. No word on his replacement, signaling more trouble at the beleaguered liberal talk network. 

BBC’s Fake News

The BBC must be taking lessons from Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, but their attempts at humor backfired.

Berkeley and Bush

Berkeley is close to putting a measure on the November ballot to impeach President Bush and Vice-President Cheney. Just another day in liberal land.

Police Pawn Guns

Criminals can get a leg up in the Philippines where some police officers have pawned their weapons.

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