Accuracy in Media

Lacking Originality

Conservatives used to refer to CNN as the Clinton News Network during the Clinton Presidency. Based on this story by CJR Daily the CNN’s Money division should be renamed Copycat News Network.

How Low Can He Go?

Former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev says that he is so committed to the environment that he would drink recycled sewage. No word from Al Gore if this would reduce global warming.

War is Good News for CNN

CNN’s ratings received a large boost thanks to the current war in the Mideast, but still trailed Fox overall.

U.K. Town Names Gay Carnival Queen

A 15 year old boy was named as the “alternative queen” in the town of Axbridge. Queen Darius has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Port Insecurity

A Seattle Times reporter had no problem entering ports in Seattle and Los Angeles ?Long Beach even though he had an expired drivers license.

Illegal No More

A reporter for the Star-Ledger in Newark, NJ faced no hurdles in posing as an illegal immigrant and rapidly acquired a job and a fake social security card.

No Bail

An inmate seeking bail money sent letters with bomb and anthrax threats to the FBI and secret service.  They didn’t honor his request.

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