Accuracy in Media

Bush Assassinated in Movie

If you thought Michael Moore was bad, just get a look at what one British television channel is planning to air.

Stay Home Baggy Pants

128 Students at Morton High School in Hammond, Indiana were suspended on the first day of schools for violating the school’s dress code.  Imagine that, someone who actually wants students to dress decently.

Terror Suspects Demand New Clothes

Two brothers held in a terror raid by British authorities accuse the cops of “violating” their clothes and are demanding a new set of duds.

Skilled Immigrants Only

Immigrants from Bulgaria and Romania to Great Britain will now have to prove they have key skills before being allowed entry into the U.K.  Darn!  Why didn’t we think of this?  Can you say ACLU?

Nazi Jokes Okay in Germany

In an attempt to show that Germans weren’t fooled by Hitler, a new book of jokes about the Nazi regime is being released this week.


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