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Man Bites Guard

A man crossing into the U.S. from Canada is accused of biting a U.S. border guard’s finger.  And we thought guarding the Mexican border was tough.

Sharpton Gets $24k for Bush bashing Speech

The Rev. Al Sharpton collected $24,000 from the University of Florida’s Black Student Union and the school’s speaker’s bureau for his recent rant against the President.  I think they deserve a refund.

Duke Law versus Bush

A Duke law professor has formed the Guantanamo Defense Clinic which helps the lead defense cousel of the detainees.  The words aiding and abetting come to mind.

Has Political Correctness Killed British Humor?

According to a recent survey of forieign visitors the British have no sense of humor and some blame it on political correctness.

Fidel Fan

A transsexual police officer in Russia wants to meet Fidel Castro and hopes to find love in Cuba.  I’m sure Fidel can’t wait to meet her/him.


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