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GORHAM, NH - JULY 4: Democratic presidental candidate Hillary Clinton marches in the Gorham fourth of July parade July 4, 2015 in Gorham, New Hampshire. Clinton is on a two day swing through the first in the nation primary state over the fourth of July holiday.(Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

Appearing on CNN’s Inside Politics, Washington Post reporter Ed O’Keefe told host John King that it’s “very clear” that the Clintons play by different rules, such as when it comes to Hillary’s use of a private email server while Secretary of State.

“They’ve always done this.,” he said. “The attack is that they play by different rules, and I think it’s very clear that they do. We’ve discovered since that other cabinet secretaries do this, but you’re right they’re not running for president. You wake up this morning at the Vice President’s residence, you wake up this morning at Bernie Sanders’ house, and you think to yourself, maybe my chances are getting better.”

O’Keefe isn’t the only one at the Post who has a less than positive view of the Clintons behavior over the years. Columnist Dana Milbank wrote the following today:

Clinton, lacking a sparring partner other than the socialist Bernie Sanders, has reverted to her instincts for secrecy and a distrust of the media that borders on paranoia. And the media, in the absence of the back-and-forth of a competitive primary, have taken on the role of opposition. Clinton’s insularity and the media’s prosecutorial zeal feed each other — as they have for nearly a quarter-century.

As a result, Clinton’s favorability ratings are cratering, with the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showing that 48 percent of Americans now view her unfavorably, up from 40 percent in June.

Adding to Clinton’s woes is a new poll that shows her once huge lead over Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire has virtually evaporated, casting more doubt among Democrats as to whether or not she can and should be their standard bearer in 2016.




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