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The Washington Post, the liberal paper of record in the nation’s capital, unveiled their redesigned website this week to the howls of its left wing supporters.

With the redesign, columnists are now labeled as either left-leaning or right-leaning based on criteria the left finds dubious.

Salon commented on the labeling:

Dana Milbank — who voted for John McCain for president in 2000, Chuck Hagel for president in 2004, and Michael Bloomberg for president in 2008 — is “left-leaning,” because he dislikes Glenn Beck. So is Richard Cohen, who hates Wikileaks and democracy for Muslims and loves sexual harassment. The right-wingers are mainly morally depraved torture-defending former Bush speechwriters and the sad ghost of George Will, still haunting our nation’s newspaper opinion sections and jewel box baseball parks.

As for Milbank his presidential voting record is moderate at best but he has rarely had a kind word to say about conservatives (remember his Palin free month?) and is a favorite of Chris Matthews who doesn’t fall into the conservative or moderate camp.  Cohen is as liberal as they come but that doesn’t mean he has to toe the line 100% of the time.

Remember, the label is left-leaning.

What really bothers Salon is that Cohen has the audacity to criticize the liberal left from time to time, therefore he can’t be a liberal.

Moderates are missing from the realignment, but maybe that’s an admission from the Post they’re largely irrelevant in today’s political discussion.

While the labeling is interesting, it wasn’t as if most readers of the Post couldn’t tell which side of the political spectrum the columnists fell under.

I would like to see the paper label their reporters in the same manner.

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