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If there was any doubt how The Washington Post felt about the Congressional hearings this week on Benghazi, this tweet from Wednesday should lay to rest any notion that the newspaper planned to cover the hearings in a fair and unbiased manner:

WaPo-Benghazi-tweetThe tweet received some immediate response from members of the opposite sex who were tweeting the hearings:

Jenna Brockman of Austin, Texas: “@washingtonpost i’m a broke white girl and i’m following every MINUTE of #Benghazi b/c i CARE about THIS COUNTRY. UNFOLLOWING U IMMEDIATELY.”

Trish: “@washingtonpost You people are disgusting. No wonder Reagan called you the Washington COMPOST!”

Townhall‘s Katie Pavlich: “Hi @washingtonpost not only am I tweeting about Benghazi, I’m at the hearing wearing a red dress & heels. Not exactly a rich-middle aged man.”

Not only was the Post’s tweet blatantly sexist, but it is bigoted in other ways as well. Why would they assume that just because people aren’t wealthy, or don’t believe in gay marriage, that they wouldn’t care about a huge scandal involving four dead Americans, and lies and deception coming from the highest levels of our government? You don’t have to have money and believe in gay marriage to want to see government corruption exposed. Perhaps if they were honest about what they meant, they would have tweeted: “Who doesn’t care if the Obama administration ignores the pleas from our diplomats, leading to their death, and covers up of the truth about it through a series of lies and deceptions? That would be us in our role as the liberal-media protectors of all Obama scandals, lies, incompetence and corruption.”

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