Accuracy in Media

In addition to verifying the accuracy, or lack thereof, of claims made by politicians on both sides of the aisle, The Washington Post Fact Checker is also tracking the promises of President Donald Trump.

Known simply as the Trump Promise Tracker, the Fact Checker is rating 60 promises that the President made during the campaign.

To date, according to the Post, Trump has kept six promises, broken one, with one being stuck—meaning that Trump has taken action but Congress or the courts have put up roadblocks—and launched seven others. Forty-five promises have yet to be rated.

During Obama’s presidency the Promise Tracker rated 40 total promises, with 11 being kept, 17 broken and 12 rated a compromise.

Campaign promises are notoriously hard to keep, but Trump is off to a good start—much to the consternation of the liberal media.

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