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The Washington Post editorial board was jubilant in the aftermath of the midterm election. calling it “A great day for democracy,” saying the Democrats regaining control of the House was “a sign of health for American democracy.”

In addition to accusing the Republicans in the House and Senate of failing to exercise “reasonable oversight,” it went on to say that the Democratic victory is “a form of pushback a form of pushback against the excesses, rhetorical and in terms of policy, committed by the Trump administration and propounded by President Trump during this fall’s campaign.”

The editorial board then mentioned the investigations they thought the Democrats should undertake of what it called the “potential administration transgressions.” Included on this list is the “awful” separation of migrant children from their families—misreported by the media, the “dubious” decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census and Trump’s “harassment” of Robert Mueller’s investigation—an investigation that has cost millions of taxpayer dollars without finding any wrongdoing on the part of President Trump.

The Post also attacked the Trump administration’s position on climate change and “Dreamers” and urged the Democrats to propose measures to offer undocumented immigrants generous opportunities for future legal immigration and restore the U.S. to “its rightful place as a welcomer of refugees,” ignoring the fact that America still welcome refugees that can be vetted and are coming to the states for a purpose other than to serve as political pawns for the left.

In conclusion, the Post said while it was a good day for Democrats, that the Republicans could also benefit if they reconsider the “devil’s bargain” they made with Trump and if the “better angels” – presumably Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and others of their ilk — reemerge.

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