Accuracy in Media

The Washington Post, far from a neutral, moderate or conservative news outlet, ran a piece that debunked gun control narratives from the Left. Primarily, the claim by a gun control advocacy group Everytown, which is funded by liberal former-mayor-turned-activist Michael Bloomberg.
Everytown’s claim was that in 2018, there have been 18 shootings at American schools. However, the Post’s article debunked that outright by exposing the unreliable baseline measurements for Everytown’s claim.
According to Everytown, a school shooting counted if gunshots were fired in the vicinity of the school, even if the shots came after school hours where no students were present or when school was not in session.
The recent school shooting in Florida, which killed seventeen people, is tragic and is something that should not happen, but to flaunt faulty statistics to prove a political point is unprofessional.

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