Accuracy in Media

The Washington Post called out its owner, Jeff Bezos, along with other billionaires for their paltry charitable donations at a time when donations are needed more than ever.

The Post analyzed the charitable giving of the 50 richest Americans and found most of them lacking in generosity based on their net worth.

Bezos, who founded Amazon, is reportedly worth $143 billion dollars. But he has distributed little of his wealth to charitable works, according to the Post.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, the wealthiest man in the world with a fortune of $143 billion and who is also the owner of The Washington Post, gave $100 million to Feeding America and up to $25 million for All in WA, a statewide relief effort in Washington. For the median American, Bezos’ giving is the equivalent of donating $85. His aerospace company, Blue Origin, pledged to 3-D print face shields for front line workers but did not disclose the value of  that contribution.

That’s one way to look at it, but on a percentage basis, it is normally the average American who gives more to charity than the wealthy. In total-dollar terms, the wealthy give huge sums away every year.

To most observers, Bezos and his fellow billionaires have been very generous, but the Post won’t be satisfied until he donates significantly more.

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