Accuracy in Media

The Washington Post admitted Friday that President Trump’s first-year jobs numbers were “very, very good” compared to those of previous presidents.

Relative to the figure from January in each president’s first year in office (excluding those presidents who took office after a death or resignation), Trump saw one of the biggest percentage-point drops in the unemployment rate.

The only presidents with larger drops were Bill Clinton in 1993 (a decline of 0.8 points) and Jimmy Carter in 1977 (down 1.1). Both of those presidents, though, ended their first years with much higher unemployment rates, both over 6 percent.

Even when the Post tried to excuse Obama’s poor first-year numbers by mentioning that job growth under Obama in the subsequent seven years had a higher monthly average job growth than Trump’s, the paper admitted that those numbers do not matter since the comparison was on the first year in office.

While the Post gave Trump credit for a solid first year in terms of job numbers, it did pour a little cold water on them.

Trump’s consistently celebrated the economic numbers the country has seen during his time in office and the numbers from the BLS certainly give him some reason to do so. The question from this point, though, is how and if that economic growth can be sustained.

But that can be expected as the last thing the Post wanted to do was give readers the impression that Trump’s economic numbers would hold up over the long haul.


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