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MSNBC Hardball host Chris Matthews who has previously attacked Sarah Palin with great glee is now jumping on the Palin bandwagon, or is he?

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Last night Matthews shocked conservatives by actually praising Palin during a segment discussing whether or not she will run for president in 2012.

Matthews: She is really good. I watched her with wonder ever since she won the nomination. She went out there in Minnesota, put on the best show next to Obama at least, certainly the best speech. Everybody is watching, she did pretty well against Biden in that debate.  She certainly didn’t get hurt by it and probably won it on points in terms of how people reacted to it.  She’s fantastic on a stage.  When she walks out on that stage there’s something kinetic happens. She looks great. Look at her she’s alive, she’s smiling, she’s doing stuff. She’s moving around you can’t take your eyes off of what she’s doing.

Matthews only real criticism was when Palin was “in that little anchor booth” being asked questions where he said she doesn’t do well.

This is from the same guy who in February 2010 called her “frightening”, an “empty vessel” and had “nothing going on mentally” after she suggesting that Obama would help his reelection chances if he declared war on Iran.

This was no change of heart for Matthews though.  Matthews said he wants Palin to run in the worst way because he finds the current Republican field boring.  But the real reason he would like to see Palin despite last night’s kudos is an easier target for Matthews than Romney, Pawlenty or any of the other current front runners.

Matthews acted more like a Democratic operative last night setting the Republicans up for a big fall than the journalist he claims to be.

But that seems to be par for the course for Matthews and MSNBC.


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