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Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank commented Wednesday that President Obama’s low approval ratings don’t look so bad when compared with how miserable America is right now, adding that Obama’s golf outings aren’t helping matters.

Milbank appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Wednesday to discuss what co-host Joe Scarborough called Obama’s “stubbornness,” and how that was affecting his decision making. According to Milbank:

Considering how miserable all of America is, a 39 percent approval rating actually isn’t that bad

As for Obama’s frequent golf outings—which Milbank had criticized the President for in his column on Monday—he noted that President Bush gave up golf for the remainder of his term when he was similarly criticized. But Obama refuses to do the same, saying that he was “very stubborn” when it comes to getting out on the golf course.

In his column on Monday, Milbank said that Obama’s decision to go on vacation despite withering criticism of his foreign policy from his former secretary of state—and the crisis in the Middle East—was “tone deaf,” and only reinforces the idea that he is detached from his job as President.

Milbank said that Obama’s stubbornness could be a good thing if he would just apply it to his agenda:

If he could be as stubborn as he is about continuing his golf game about some of his domestic policies, I think we might get some results.

But in the case of Obama, he has placed his golf game far ahead of his policy agenda, and the American people, as well as many others around the world, suffer as a result. Maybe, on the other hand, we’re much better off with Obama on the golf course, than actually getting his agenda through Congress.

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