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The Washington Post quickly changed a headline suggesting Washington’s “aristocracy” had high hopes for Joe Biden’s presidency.

“Washington’s aristocracy hopes a Biden presidency will make schmoozing great again,” read the original headline of the story, which was first posted online Monday at 6 a.m. Eastern. But just a few hours later the headline had changed to read,” Washington’s establishment hopes a Biden presidency will make schmoozing great again.”

The Post didn’t mention the change in the updated version and it probably would have gone unnoticed except for the eagle eye of independent journalist Aaron Mate, who noted the change on Twitter.

Written by Post style writer Roxanne Roberts, the article was all about the hope that things would return to normal under a Biden presidency after the elite were pushed to the sidelines by Trump.

“The aristocracy of this city is ready to move on, daring to hope that the last four years was a fever that finally broke and life can get back to normal,” Roberts wrote. “Normal, as in a respect for experience and expertise. Normal, as in civility and bipartisan cooperation.”

Plus the hoped-for return of elegant parties that declined under Trump according to Roberts.

“Back to normal will mean more state dinners, a prestigious and glamorous way of reestablishing global ties,” Roberts added. “And it means that Washington events traditionally attended by the president and first lady for the better part of five decades — the Honors, the Alfalfa Dinner, the Gridiron, Ford’s Theatre Gala and the Correspondents’ Dinner — will likely return to their former glory.

Roberts also spoke to what she referred to as an influential Republican hostess who would only speak under the condition of anonymity saying that there were a lot of Republicans thrilled to see Biden in the White House.

“People who have always enjoyed the Washington scene are yearning to get back to that, have some semblance of what they enjoyed so much before. There are a lot of Republicans who sat out the Trump years and bit their tongues for four years who are thrilled to have Biden.”

After 47 years in politics, Joe Biden has a lot of friends and allies to reward now that he is about to inhabit the White House for the next four years. President Trump fought the establishment, Joe Biden is bringing them back in full force.

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