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Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, who has come under heavy criticism from conservatives for criticizing President Donald Trump, called out the news media for crossing the line and becoming “anti-Trump advocates” in an interview with colleague Howard Kurtz on Sunday.

Wallace also reiterated that he found Trump calling the media the “enemy of the American people” outrageous, but that the media as a whole has not covered the president in an unbiased manner.

“You see some reporters now who have become advocates,” Wallace said. “I see it in the press briefings now. You know, I was pretty tough in the press briefings with Ronald Reagan and his press secretaries in the 80s, but we were basically trying to get information.

“Some of the press briefings now I see the White House press corps — it’s supposed to be one of the top jobs in journalism — it’s more playing gotcha or more just trying to get in arguments and advance their point of view. That’s not what we’re supposed to be doing.”

“I think too many reporters have fallen into the role of being advocates and, frankly with this president, anti-Trump advocates,” Wallace continued, saying that the press needs to be “neutral” and play it straight by calling “balls and strikes” whether it’s Joe Biden or Donald Trump.


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