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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that before Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State in 2009, one of her most trusted aides approached Bill Clinton’s staff with a plan to run her email through the private server he had set up in their home to separate Clinton Foundation business from his own:

When Mrs. Clinton’s aide, Huma Abedin, approached Mr. Clinton’s staff about piggybacking on the server, they were initially skeptical that it technically could handle the additional load. But requests from Mrs. Clinton were nothing they took lightly and they complied, people familiar with the matter said.

The Journal story also mentioned that while Hillary’s team thought this would give her more control over her email, aides to Bill Clinton were concerned that adding her account would make the system a target for hackers, and they weren’t aware that she was going to be using the private account, instead of an official government account, for official business.

Not only did Hillary violate government rules in effect while she was Secretary of State, it appears that that she never intended to comply with them to begin with.

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